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we can separate our projects to 3 parts as follow:

2009 Projects

  • World Tech Co. completed the installation work for sites of MTC Syriatel support of third-generation 3G in many of the Syrian governorates
  • World Tech Co. signed a partnership contract in Syria with ZTE Corporation of China.
  • World Tech Co. completed the installation of TMN equipments in several provinces in Syria. The project for ZTE Corporation of China
  • World Tech Co. signed a sub-contract with a MART CO. Project for the installation of equipment WCDMA and began to implement this project during the year.
  • World Tech Co. began primary acceptance commissioning work for OAN project related to Huawei of China.
  • World Tech Co. started achieving 25% OAN contract for Huawei of China.
  • World Tech Co. has signed a contract with ITECH CO for the supply and installation of optical cable in the port of Latakia in Syria, the length is 11 km,the project has been implemented.
  • World Tech Co. signed a contract with Ericsson for the expansion of the network backbone in the province of Homs.
  • World Tech Co completed the of connectivity and optical examination of three new gas plants (AlShaer - Ebla - Jhar) in Homs Province length of 276 km for LEAD CO.
  • World Tech Co. completed the DSLAM project in Syria (106 sites, 30K gate) as the survey work, installation, operation and testing.
  • World Tech Co. signed a service contract covers all acts of Huawei in Syria for two years starting from the month of June 2009.
  • World Tech Co. supplied many of the materials for the GSM telecommunication companies MTN and Syriatel (cables, hubs, feeders, optical fiber cables and accessories).
  • World Tech Co. completed the supply and installation of copper, optical and network cables in Alsha'ar location for the company Petro Canada oil.

2008 Projects

  • WORLD TECH CO. is executing Huawei OAN project in Syria (Section3) in 3 provinces : Homs – Hama – Dier Alzour as subcontract with Huawei Telecom Co. , World tech Co. are doing all civil and technical works and installing and running The telecom equipments (indoor/outdoor) of the project. All the works are doing as in the schedule time.

  • WORLD TECH CO. has achieved survey Huawei OAN project (contract 25% ) for all Syria (indoor/outdoor), and put all reports and AutoCAD drawings for this project in short time and successfully.


  • WORLD TECH Co. has achieved survey project as sub-contract with Huawei Co. for DSLAM equipments which presented by Huawei co. to expand XDSL services in Syria.


  • WORLD TECH CO. had achieved installing and running the International Gate Way (IGW) project in Damascus.


  • WORLD TECH CO. had supplied, installed and run optical equipments and microwave link between sugar national company and Hasia industrial city.


  • Our company had achieved optical fiber project (Fase1) between Jhar petrolum & gas field and T4 petrolum station for distance 30 km, this contract was with Butemac company.


  • Our company had installed the equipments of (OAN ) project for STE in rural of Damascus ( indoor / outdoor ) as sub-contractor with Huawei company. these telecom equipments working now in high quality.


  • Supply optical fiber cable , length 2.5 km for Syrian Petroleum company.


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2007 Projects

  • WORLD TECH CO. had signed a subcontract with Greece INTRACOM Co. to make the installation works for the PMP ( wireless access ) project . and we have started the installation work.


  • WORLD TECH CO. had executed survey ( indoor – outdoor ) OAN project as subcontract with Huawei Co. in Aleppo region for total distance is 533187 m, within 14 days survey works & 30 days with drawing depending on GPS device program ( Garmen – map source ).


  • Our company had executed optical link ( F. O. cable ) between STE & GSM MTN company and STE & GSM Syriatel company, in many Syrian cities.


  • Supply, install and run O. F. Cable for Syrian gas company between two optical stations (STM4) , station 1 : oil fields in Jbeseh , station 2 : Shaddadeh gas factory in Hasaka province . the distance between two stations is 14 km. The optical equipments working now in high quality.


  • Connect O. F. Cable between Mhardeh electrical generating station & Chinese company (Soptic ).


  • Installation & calibration the dishes of microwave SDH project for Ericsson company in Homs Province.


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Our works and projects values exceeded 1.5 million Euros in year 2007


Previous Years Projects

  • WORLD TECH CO. with Greece INTRACOM Co. is executed PMP Survey Project in many Syrian cities. All scanning tasks for PMP project had been executed within agreement period with Greece INTRACOM Co. successfully.


  • Executing laying & connecting optical & audio cables in Lebanon – Tripoli & its rural.


  • Installing wireless equipments for civil services directorate in Homs & Tartous cities & Hasia industrial city ( Homs ).


  • Optical fiber cable connecting works for Syriatel & MTN companies (GSM operators) in many Syrian areas.


  • Syrian Telecom ( ST ) projects, optical & audio networks & equipments (SIEMENS – SAMSUNG – ERICSSON – MARCONI – HUAWEI ).


  • Connecting collages of Alba'ath university together by optical fiber cables (M.M) with optical modems.


  • Optical fiber cable connecting works in Sadkoub oil stores in Banyas city.


  • Connecting modems with optical fiber cables for private factories.


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PBXs are used widely in the world and have any kinds and enhanced day by day to give more reliability and customization for government and big companies.

WORLD TECH Co. offer selling, installing and programming these kinds of PBXs in all Syria especially in middle of Syria. The reason of our diffusion in Syria is our good services and experience of our engineers in this field.

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Fire Alarm Systems


Everyone know the importance of saving our offices and houses, Technology get us many solutions for security by fire alarm systems. There are many international companies presented many kinds of these equipments for this target.

WORLD TECH CO. is one of most important companies in this field, our company offer the suitable studying for banks, companies, factories, government and the others ...

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Surveillance Systems


Ordinary, it is difficult to separate between Surveillance systems and alarm system, because these two systems are integrated, and the target of two systems is security and save the place. so originally these two systems works together for security.

WORLD TECH CO. is on of most important companies working in this security systems and had installed a lot of these systems in many places like Banks, factories, and private & government companies

Our company act as base factor in some cases of catch the thief's.

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