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Fields of company works



Our responsible team for kinds of PBXs is special team in all Syria to serve this field of telecom ideally (installation - maintenance) , because of their experience in this field. our team works in most famous kinds of PBX in the world like as Panasonic ( Japan ) and Samsung ( Korea ).

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Panasonic PBX

Samsung VOIP PBX


Surveillance, Security & alarm systems


World Tech Co. offer good service (installation & maintenance) for surveillance, security & alarm systems in all places which need this service like as : Banks, hospitals, factories & government, we work in many kinds of these systems like as V.Guard system which press the size of the picture of camera signals and save it or send it by the internet or network or by leased line or even by normal phone line ( by dial up ), so we can get the ability to transfer biggest numbers of camera signals in narrow band frequency. V.Guard system work in real time , and it have high quality and high reliability for many customers demands. World Tech Co. distribute this system in Hims (Homs) and Hama provinces in Syria.   



Surveillance digital fourth PC card   RT4


We work with many kinds of cameras depending on the budget of the project and the needed quality . we distribute CNB & AXIS cameras in Hims (Homs) & Hama provinces in Syria. 


Camera AXIS


For  security and alarm systems , World Tech Co. is agent of Bentel security system ( Italy ), and we distribute Life SOS and Jabletron systems. We distribute too the Canadian Baradox fire system which have high quality , and England ZETA detecting fire system, and we distribute them in Hims (Homs) and Hama provinces in Syria.

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Bentel security system



World tech Co. works in many kinds of networks like as : optical, microwave, wireless, PC , phone and video/audio networks.

We provide another services like as : installing, programming and maintenance ISDN, XDSL and leased line and optical modems and other kinds of these devices.

 We are ready for emergency maintenance for all kind of optical, and copper networks always.


Optical Fiber Cable

ODF ( Optical Distribution Frame )



Optical junction FC/PC



Many kinds of optical junction



PC network cables



Coaxial cables



Telecom Projects

World Tech Co. is ready to study and execute optical, wire, wireless and microwave projects.

World tech Co. had executed and is executing many important projects in telecom fields ( networks and equipments )

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288 Core Optical Cable Distribution Box

Cabinet for telecom equipments


After sell service

Part of our work is serving our customers after sell in fields of PBX, surveillance, security and alarm systems , besides the networks. to get satisfaction our customers 








Selling department


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