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Company Projects

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2007 Projects




Intracom Project

  • WORLD TECH CO. had signed a subcontract with Greece INTRACOM Co. to make the installation works for the PMP ( wireless access ) project in Syria. and we have started the installation work. Now we finished 350 sites in Homs - Hama - Aleppo - Raqqa - Hasakah provinces

Installing Devices


The Tower


Microwave Devices


Microwave Devices





Aleppo Survey

  • WORLD TECH CO. had executed survey ( indoor – outdoor ) OAN project as subcontract with Huawei Co. in Aleppo region for total distance is 533187 m, within 14 days survey works & 30 days with drawing depending on GPS device program ( Garmen – map source ).


Determine Suggesting Joint Location


Check Manholes Carefully


Calculating The Distances


Distance Measurement by Pike


Determine ONU Location




Shaddadeh Project

  • Supply, install and run O. F. Cable for Syrian gas company between two optical stations (STM4) , station 1 : oil fields in Jbeseh , station 2 : Shaddadeh gas factory in Hasaka province . the distance between two stations is 14 km. The optical equipments working now in high quality. And we offered training course for Syrian Gas Company engineers and this course complete successfully.


Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) Installing




Some Students in the Course


Explanation in The Course




Ericsson microwave Project

  • Installation & calibration the dishes of microwave SDH project for Ericsson company in Homs Province.

Rising Microwave Dishes


Dishes Fixing


Rising Some Dishes Accessories


Tower with Microwave Dishes



  • Optical fiber cable connecting works for Syriatel & MTN companies (GSM operators) in many Syrian areas.


  • Connect O. F. Cable between Mhardeh electrical generating station & Chinese company (Soptic ).


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