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Some of international meetings and courses

Middle East & North Africa Strategic Cooperation Forum 2008

WORLD TECH CO. get invitation for Middle East & North Africa Strategic Cooperation Forum 2008 from Huawei company.

This meeting was in Cairo - Egypt in 8/4/2008. There was World Tech Co. presenter & other many powerful companies in middle east and south Africa. These companies was as partners with Huawei Co. because these companies have powerful as like as our company in Syria because of the successful projects we done with Huawei Co. in Syria and facilitates we offered to Huawei Co. in Syria.

The logo of this forum is "Partnership, Road to Success!" , so this logo reflects care Huawei Co. of partnership with local powerful experience companies to exchange experiences between them.    


Logo of Forum


Huawei Co. responsible persons in head office ( Shenzhen - China ) and region office ( Cairo - Egypt ) has presented over view about Huawei Co. achieves within last years and the successful cases and some faced problems, and they focus on partners factor for  success and give many examples for that, and they signed to success in Syria although Huawei was in Syria only since 3 years ago.

Then they open discussion with companies presenters to preview suggestions and opinions.   


Valuation of Discriminatory Companies


Then discriminatory companies had been valuated , and most of them was from Pakistan , because it is the nearest and the biggest.

Valuation of Discriminatory Companies


World Tech Co. Presenter with Branch Manager of Japanese NEC Company in Egypt 


Coffee Break


Company Presenter


Course in HES Turkish Company


World Tech Co. has got invitation from HES Turkish company the biggest company in Turkey for cable manufacturing (optical - copper) for training course about HES LAN Copper cabling installation and the HES LAN fiber optic training in Kaysari city ( where the factory located ), and our company accept this invitation.

This course target is to refresh the Syrian market for optical fiber cables and exchange experience in splicing and connecting field.

This invitation was for most important companies in optical fiber cable field in Syria.



Beginning of lecture


Company Presenter




Souvenir photo for Syrian trainers with HES Turkish presenters  


Training Course in SCS in Damascus

World Tech Co. has got invitation from Huawei Co. for training course about Huawei equipments in Syrian Computer Society head office in Damascus - Syria. There was many companies working in telecom field, this training course have agenda to give general information about telecom world and information about Huawei equipments.

World Tech Co. presented by four of best its engineers , and they achieved very good scores and they was the best between others from other companies.


World Tech Co. presenter with Egyptian lecturer on the right and Chinese administration responsible man on the left.



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