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Company Achieves

We work in many kinds of PBX, surveillance and alarm systems and we achieved many good works:

PBX telecom


World Tech Co. had been installed many kinds of PBXs in the following:

v  Homs city council PBX.

v  International Arab workers union PBX in Damascus city.

v  General management PBX for Syrian Gas company. 

v  Syrian Computer Society (SCS – ISP ) in Homs city.

v  Homs oil clarifying company.

v  Farming directorate PBXs in Homs city & its country.

v  Civil advocacy directorate PBX in Homs

v  Emergency PBX in civil advocacy (Homs branch).

v  Homs sugar establishment. 

v  Anbouba factory PBX for oil in Homs

v  Syriatel company (Hamedia )

v  Union service PBX ( water - electricity - telephone - city council services ) this service called 3030 in Homs city.

v  AlHosn citadel PBX service ( 2010 service).

v  Central prison  in Homs city

v  Oil Abo llaban factory.

v  industrial city directorate in Hasia - Homs.

v  Al-Ameen hospital - Homs.

v  National company.

v  Barodi factory.

v  Orient company directorate.

v  dedication PBX ( Homs branch).

v  Homs livestock establishment.

v  Homs water establishment PBX ( general management ).

v  Ibn Al-Waleed factory spin PBX ( general management ).

v  Dajajona company for food PBX ( industrial city )

v  Tiles factory for onboba ( industrial city )

v  many of individual & general companies & factories.


Surveillance Systems


Integrated surveillance system had been installed with best modern technology in the following locations & establishments & companies:


v  Central National Header building in Damascus.

v  Homs conservatism building ( call center).

v  Safer hotel (4 stars) in Homs city.

v  Farming directorate in Homs

v  Education directorate in Homs.

v  En Al-TANNOUR water station in Homs.

v  Alba'ath university.

v  Immigration directorate in Homs city. 

v  ANBOUBA company

v  Orient company

v  National company.

v  BAROUDI company

v  Villa of the artist George wassof 

v  Homs livestock establishment.

v  Many of individual & general companies & factories.

v  Middle company for printing & packaging.

v  Greece INTRACOM telecommunication company  / Homs city /


Alarm Systems


World Tech Co. had been installed many kinds of Alarm systems in the following:

v  Homs education directorate.

v  Real state Bank in Homs city.

v  Gold shop in Hama city. 

v  Farming directorate in Homs city.

v  National company.

v  National Hospital in Homs.

v  Al-Waleed hospital in Homs. 

v  Al-Hareth hospital in Homs.

v  Rastan hospital .

v  Talkalakh hospital

v  FAHED for transport.

v  Mateen factory.

v  Homs livestock establishment.

v  many of houses, stores, individual, general companies & factories.



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